Care Budget

Will I Have to Pay Towards My Budget?

If you are eligible to receive support you will be asked by your Local Authority to have a financial assessment to see if you could pay towards the cost of your support.

The financial assessment will look at your income or savings, including income from pensions, some benefits and other assets. The amount you will have to pay will be calculated according to government guidelines and can take into account certain housing costs and disability-related spending.

Taken into account will be:

  • Shares and Bonds
  • Some Additional Benefits
  • Trust Funds
  • For residential care, the value of any house owned by the person receiving the care (unless a partner is still living in the house)

You may be considered for a 'deferred payment', where the authority may lend you the cost of your care so you don't have to sell your house immediately. You, or your estate, will need to repay the authority when the house is sold or you no longer require residential care. 

After the assessment:

  • If you are not eligible for financial support you will need to fund your own care.
  • If you are eligible you will be told how much the council will pay towards the cost of your support and how much you must pay yourself. Some people might not need to contribute anything. 
  • If you are entitled to a financial contribution to services the authority will be able to provide it by means of a personal budget
You do not have to undertake any assessments. If you prefer to then make your own care arrangements privately, without any help from your local authority.