My Records

Who Will Review or Audit My Account?

Your Local Authority will be responsible for making payments to you and they will make arrangements with you to audit and review your records about how your direct payment has been used. 

If you use a managed bank account provider then the provider should keep these records on your behalf and the Local Authority will deal with them to arrange the review.

A good start would be to keep records such as:

How much you have been paid in Direct Payments;
  • Your Personal Assistant(s) time sheets;
  • A copy of the wage slips given to your Personal Assistant(s);
  • A copy of any invoices that have been paid for your care (for example to a care agency);
  • A copy of your Employer's Liability Insurance Certificate;
  • A copy of what has been paid to HMRC to cover your contributions;
  • A copy of your Personal Assistant's Contract of Employment