Personal Assistants and Maternity Leave

If your employee becomes pregnant they should notify you of this as soon as possible. You should meet with them to determine if they are still able to carry out all the tasks associated with the job. You can contact your insurance company who will help you to risk assess the pregnancy and look at making any reasonable adjustments that may or may not be necessary. Nearer to your employee commencing Maternity Leave they should provide you with a MATB1 form, from the midwife. This confirms the date of confinement. You will then send this to your payroll agent who will support you in paying Statutory Maternity Pay to your employee if they qualify. This will depend on what they 
have earned from you. If your employee does not qualify for Statutory Maternity pay then they can claim Maternity Allowance using an MA1 form. You will not pay Maternity Pay from your budget. You can get more information at: